Real estate and social networks! If you are a real estate agent and want to make more sells using the new more effective ways the social network is your place! To be successful you need to have good communication with your existing and future clients. And all these social platforms are simply communication. LinkedIn – the bright future for the real estate agents! Let’s discuss LinkedIn. It’s a platform we should have to become part of.  It is one of the most important pieces of the social media puzzle. LinkedIn is the unofficial social network for business, where you can generate a lot  of  real estate leads with the right  marketing tools. Here are some ideas how to start: • First create strong profile by filling all possible information • Connect with friends, old contacts, workers and organization members. • Create company page including every detail. • Take part in LinkedIn groups one of the best sources for social selling. You should target groups that are full of potential customers rather than competitors. The interest of properties in Bulgaria is growing in the last years.  A lot of real estate agents are redirecting their effort and seeking more leads in LinkedIn. You can visit our page to see daily updates and check some of our exclusive properties in Bulgaria.  Our databaseRead More →

Bulgarian properties – homes for all tastes, modern, cheap and comfortable Buying Bulgarian properties for second home, you not only get a cozy and comfortable modern accommodation on the sea or ski resort. You are investing and having a chance to make good profit by renting or selling later. If you have been to Bulgaria on business or holiday,then you will surely love this sunny and welcoming country. In addition you will start thinking about buying property in Bulgaria as home for you. There is large number of offers at the real estate market throughout the territory of Bulgaria. It may be comfortable and modernRead More →

Where is best to buy property in Bulgaria ? Bulgaria is one of the leading east European countries where a lot of foreigners are buying real estate. Apartments and houses for sale in Bulgaria are in great demand. First reason for this  it is quite reasonable price. So, if you are interested in where is best to  buy property  in Bulgaria, this article is definitely for you.  The choice of the city plays an important role. To answer the question of where to buy property in Bulgaria,  we should provide answers to several questions: • What is the purpose of your purchase? • Are youRead More →

  Property in Bulgaria is cheap. Property in Bulgaria is cheap. This is facilitated by the economic and social conditions in the country. It is possible to understand why property in Bulgaria is cheap, by examining the key factors of pricing. Historically, the country’s economic and social conditions were always inexpensive in order to buy real estate there. Wanting to buy an apartment or house abroad near the sea or surrounded by beautiful nature, many foreigners choose exactly Bulgaria. The reason for that are the good property prices. People might ask why properties in Bulgaria are cheap. The cost of which is sometimes several timesRead More →

What are the advantages of buying sea apartments in Bulgaria? Buying cheap apartment in Bulgaria near the sea will be a good investment and a reliable platform for  developing rental business. Of course, there are many reasons to buy apartment by the sea in sunny country. Someone wants to buy a house for their own use, others wants to make an investment and to rent to tourists. So what are the main advantages of purchasing property in Bulgaria? A lot of Europe citizens are happy to buy property in Bulgaria because the country is close geographically and culturally. In addition, sea apartments in Bulgaria areRead More →

Resort places in Bulgaria If you choose to buy property in any resort places in Bulgaria near the sea you will be interesting in prices at first place. How much cost apartments in the resort cities such as Varna and Burgas? Or maybe you are looking for a quiet and cozy house on the coast near the towns of Obzor, Irakly, Sveti Vlas, Pomorie, Primorsko, Tsarevo? How often do you plan to use the property? Prices in Bulgaria near the sea – you pick a house to rent or want to buy it? The site has  offers  for urban and suburban real estate. You canRead More →

How to sell property in Bulgaria fast and profitably If you started reading this article, it is likely you have a question how to sell property in Bulgaria. Many people, who decide to sell their property abroad, are facing some difficulties . Major problem is finding decent and honest buyers. Property valuation and the process of selling an apartment abroad should be entrusted to professionals. Like who will take over the search for effective customer and legal registration of the transaction. Why should you entrust the sale of apartments in Bulgaria real estate agency experts? Selling an apartment in Bulgaria with profit can be doneRead More →

The advantages of buying a house in Burgas   The last few years’ popularity of real estate deals in Bulgaria has seen a rapid growth. One of the best options at this time is to buy a house or apartment in Burgas. This modern town, is located on the Black Sea coast in an ecologically clean area. The town is surrounded by several nature reserves.Today, real estate in Bulgaria attracted the attention of investors. This is easily explained by a stable political and economic situation in the country, as well as great prospects for further development. Why should buy a house in Burgas? In additionRead More →

Property to rent in Bulgaria – features of the choice and factors affecting the cost   A wonderful way to get used to the the features of life in Bulgaria before purchasing apartment – is to find property to rent in Bulgaria. Moving to live here, won’t get you into much trouble. Hiring a real estate agency will help you in the search and preparation of documents. In this country is easy to find a lot of offers for renting apartments and houses. The cost of rent depends on some major factors. Such as time of year, distance from the sea, the condition of theRead More →

Purchase of houses and apartments in Bulgaria through a real estate agencies in Burgas quickly and profitably Having a property abroad, particularly in resort areas of Bulgaria, now has become fashionable. A wide range of offers in Burgas and affordable prices only contribute to the growth in popularity of the Bulgarian beach Mecca. Finding a house or apartment, completely tailored to your wishes, is not always possible to do by yourself. Choosing from the  real estate agencies  in Burgas, you can easily find the property that will fit your idea of comfort and will be accessible in your price range. Burgas – one of theRead More →