Absolute leader in the real estate market in Europe at the moment  is  Bulgaria. It is a European country, which since 2008, takes leadership in the number of bought and sold real estate. So why new build property in Bulgaria are so popular among residents of Europe Union and others? New builds property in Bulgaria are cheap  very low prices in comparison with the EU; the possibility of paying the cost in installments; warm and mild climate; excellent environment; unspoiled sandy beaches            New build property in Bulgaria 2016 – reasons to buy Most noteworthy is the strict compliance with all building and environmentalRead More →

Properties in Burgas – large selection, affordable prices Located in the south-east coast, Burgas  is the fourth most populous city in Bulgaria. Most noteworthy  is its architectural and natural heritage. Therefore, properties in Burgas enjoys considerable popularity among everyone who loves  not just looking museum exhibitions, but also appreciates the truly useful leisure. Buying property in Burgas is cheap Properties in Bourgas characterize by a wide variety. The dreamed property will be able to find both fans of classical architecture, as well as those who appreciate modernity and comfort. High-rise buildings and modern shopping centers are in contrast with the sea coast and clear lakes,Read More →

Investment property in Bulgaria – yes or now? At the moment, a lot of  people talk about the possibilities of investment property in Bulgaria. While  the crisis period, this is one of the most effective asset. There are many examples on the  Internet how much you can earn by purchasing a property abroad. There is logic to all written, both positive and negative views. But the truth is in the very nature of the investment, and this can be either a capital increase or its preservation. The history of the crisis of 2008 showed that the capital increase  is  just an illusion . Profitable investmentsRead More →

Nursery schools in Bulgaria With the increasing number of English families, buying or already bought properties in Bulgaria  there is demand for nurseries .  City of Bourgas is the second largest after Varna on the southern coast. It has a favorable climate. Many people want to settle here.  Parents ask a lot of questions about the nursery schools in Bulgaria.  Most of all  – is it  difficult to get there, is there a training program, at what age kids start? Municipal nursery schools in Burgas Applying at the municipal nursery schools is via the Internet, but be aware that the candidates are more than theRead More →

Moving to Bulgaria Our citizens often think about moving to other countries and often their new location is warm and sunny Bulgaria, Burgas and its surroundings. What you need to know about this place?  Why moving to Bulgaria? What do I need so I can stay there to live? Moving to live to Bulgaria in city of Burgas or its surroundings  is both a pleasant and troublesome event. The town is  in the eastern part of the country and in the western part of the Black Sea gulf. Burgas is very popular among English tourists. It has a large port and its own airport. FamiliesRead More →

Holidays in Burgas – unique features for a reasonable price When planning your holidays in Bulgaria –  one of the most popular places is the city of Burgas and its surroundings. There are beautiful sandy beaches. The tourist and social infrastructure is well developed. It has all the conditions for sport and recreation tourism. No wonder,  foreign investors most often choose the region for the purchase of houses and apartments for their own recreation. Holidays in Burgas are very attractive and affordable. Burgas is a major port city. Tourist life is very active. The city has many entertainments literally for everyone. Sports fields and tennisRead More →

The article is about taxes in Bulgaria and everything we need to know about them.  Bulgarian income tax is only 10%. It is the lowest in Europe. However, in 2016 in Bourgas  property taxes are increased. The owners of houses and apartments will have to pay 1.75%.  Burgas – a paradise for investments Burgas is  a major city in the South-East Bulgaria, which is  more than 10 years popular with its foreign investors.  The taxes and fees for commercial real estate has  increased but with a small amount – nearly 8 euro.  However, the dynamic city and its surroundings still attract buyers from around theRead More →

BURGAS – city and resort or another picture of the life in Bulgaria If I had to choose again today a place to live in Bulgaria, I would again choose Burgas. To me it is a bit like Sochi. Not the views and landscapes, of course, as these are Balkan colors. Just that there is a sea port (by the way, the largest in the country) and an airport. And just as on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and Crimea, life in Bulgaria Seaside enlivened with the spring and summer tourist season. Life in Bulgaria’s pros and cons Among EU countries Bulgaria enjoysRead More →

Resale properties in Bulgaria from 6000EUR The popularity of various types of resale properties in Bulgaria among UK buyers is increasing again. Resale properties in addition to attractive cost, has a serious list of benefits – such as complete living conditions and already established infrastructure. How to find the best offer and what you need to know in order not to regret about the purchase? Cheap resale properties in Bulgaria Resale properties in Bulgaria are one of the most profitable investments, especially if they are approached wisely. If you want the new apartment or home to be only joy not disappointment, you should follow theseRead More →

Are you ready to plan your vacation ? Affordable rental apartments in Burgas today tend to those who have chosen this country to enjoy an inexpensive holiday. Analysts point out that of all the international destinations, this country is not the last place to choose. Bulgaria is not only interesting place for vacation, but for comfortable living also. Most travelers consider this as important advantage. Hotels, guest houses, rented houses and apartments are in high demand during the peak summer season. But the most popular are apartments, which rent allows you to organize a comfortable stay for relatively little money. If you are going toRead More →