Buy a cheap house in Burgas area If you decide to change the climate conditions or the expected change of job, then buy a cheap house in Burgas area- the best option for the first real estate investment in a new place. In this seaside town you are offered: Comfortable villas Homes (both inexpensive and expensive, depending on the area of the city and infrastructure) Apartments in new buildings Resale and others If you are already accustomed to the comfort of a country house, even after moving to a new city often you want to be outdoors or to arrange Sunday lunches on the terraceRead More →

Food in Bulgaria Prices at restaurants and the food  in Bulgaria are one of the lowest in the EU. There you can have a nice dinner for a very reasonable price. People, who buy real estate in the country for their own vacations, can enjoy cheap and high quality Bulgarian products. Food in Bulgaria – Bulgarian cuisine features Kitchen in Bulgaria is tasty and varied. The local culinary influences from the Turks and the Greeks, but at the same time, Bulgarian dishes retain some authenticity. Here you can try a variety of meat dishes of lamb, beef, pork, fresh fish, local sweets, in which youRead More →

People might decide to leave their country for many reasons and we will not speak about them today. The choice of countries where to live is also too huge. Why Bulgaria – in many ways this country is the best choice for East Europe for those who are buying real estate, coming on vacation or relocating for permanent residence. The first thing that attracts the foreigners in this country is healthy mild climate and beautiful nature. Climate in the country is favorable and problems with acclimatization do not occur almost ever. The climate on the coast is very good. In Varna, for example, or inRead More →

Sea resorts in Bulgaria – a great place to relax! Burgas, Nessebar, Pomorie and more – the most popular sea resorts in Bulgaria. Situated on the Black Sea coast, city of Burgas attracts many travelers who want to spend the holiday not only at the beach but doing something interesting. This historic city is located close to other popular seaside resorts in Bulgaria. All can be visited so the vacationers do not waste time, but fulfill the trip with impressions. Today resorts in Bulgaria have become more modern and do not inferior the comfort level and infrastructure of the famous European health resorts. Modern hotels,Read More →