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Allure Beach Resort is located where the mountains meet the sea, namely the "Pyasuka" area ("Sand" area), in Primorsko International Youth center. Situated in the first line of the coast, at the most prominent corner throughout the entire scenic route of our Southern Black Sea coast and on the longest and widest beach in Bulgaria.

Nature spares no resources to make this place a unique and one of a kind one. Allure Beach Resort constitutes the last finishing touch of this perfect picture. The end result of it comprises the apartment house, combining the extra amenities of a 5 star hotel, surrounded by flower alleys, azure blue swimming pool, seafood restaurant and luxury shops.         

Allure Beach Resort constitutes elegant and luxury holiday complex, located in the first line of the coast, on the golden beach, in one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Located in Devil's Bay, at "Pyasuka" area ("The Sand" area), 50 km south of Bourgas, surrounded by spacious sandy beaches, picturesque hills and tropical vegetation in the delta of the Ropotamo river and within the fantastic rock shapes of Strandzha Mountain, with unique microclimate, which combines the coolness of the century-old oak forest and the tenderly shining Black Sea sun, Allure Beach Resort constitutes the newest sea temptation.

The complex is built on one of a kind beautiful sandy beach, about 2 km long and 100m wide, covered with soft golden sand and exotic sand dunes. The sea water is crystal, warm and calm, with a smooth sandy bottom, and the air is clean and fresh with a cool gust of wind coming from the surrounding century-old deciduous oak forests. Here all guests and residents will find everything they may dream of during the summer vacation.


  • 5m distance from the beach
  • At a distance of 50 km from Bourgas
  • At a distance of 60 km/travelled in 30 min by car on motorway/ from the Bourgas Airport
  • At a distance of 5km from Primorsko Airport
  • At a distance of 1 km from Primorsko
  • At a distance of 1km from Kiten
  • At a distance of 25 km from Sozopol
  • At a distance of 15 km from Duni.


Visitors and guests of Allure Beach Resort will be able to enjoy mostly sunny weather within the period from April to October, a cool climate, ranging from temperate continental to subtropical - soft, dry, with minimal rainfall during the summer and the most favorable combination of high atmospheric pressure, humidity and air temperature. The climate is affected by the continental influence in the north and in the west, by the Black Sea climate influence in the east and by the Mediterranean influence in the south. The place is sunny and warm, with fresh daily winds and relatively high nighttime temperatures.

  • Average air temperature: 27 С
  • Maximum of air temperature: 33 С
  • Average temperature of sea in august: 25 -26 С
  • Day length: 13-15 hours
  • Solar activity: 8-11 hours a day

The Building

Allure Beach Resort is located within an area of approximately 6000 sq. m, bordered on one side by an azure blue sea and golden sand beach and on the other: by oak and beech forest.

Allure Beach Resort is a high-category Apart Hotel, a five star complex with 206 boutique studios, apartments and penthouses on the top floors with stunning views, 1 restaurant, coffee shop, 15 commercial properties, a swimming pool and flower alleys. The building has underground parking, luxurious lounges, receptions and common areas.

With its elegant style Allure Beach Resort meets all modern trends related to demand and modern innovative vision. Residents and guests will have the one of a kind opportunity to enjoy the sea experiences in luxurious and stylish atmosphere. For the purposes of the landscape design almost the entire terrain of the complex has been utilized, providing the opportunity to enjoy ample space and freedom of movement. An attractive focal point of the landscape of Allure Apart Hotel is the swimming pool, the playground, the seating options designed by means of an availability of pavilions and lounge chairs. The landscaping of the complex also contributes to the cozy atmosphere, which is accomplished by using geo-sculptures, lush vegetation and large pots. Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the stylish and exquisite cuisine in the restaurant – spacious, elegant and decorated in harmony with the entire complex.

The vision and strategy of Allure Beach Resort are aimed at creating a positive first impression


The priority while elaborating the projects puts its focus on getting the maximum of the effective space and area, as well as on creating a memorable, iconic and original architectural design, with simple design elements, that meet the modern trends related to demand and the modern innovative vision, which our company strives to establish on the real estate market. The dynamic and futuristic architecture, the unconventional forms which provoke the imagination, the one of a kind combination of colors and materials of the facade structures, attracting with eye catching design and high degree of glossiness, are just some of the characteristics of the exterior design. The exterior of course, is in conformity with the color scheme of the entire complex – warm, soft, tender colors, a lot of greenery and freshness.


The project is notable for its elegant style and an individual touch. The maximum functionality meets all the requirements of modern lifestyle and entertainment environment. Common areas will complement the overall design with clean shapes, elegant design and convenient selection of materials. Interior design decisions will be relevant for the implementation of the common areas while using luxurious, modern, expensive construction materials: granite in the lobby, nickel and glass railings, decorative wall panels, extravagant lighting fixtures and all other relevant facilities.

Upon entering guests will be welcomed in a stylish, elegant lounge, arranged with upholstered furniture and baroque chandelier. The project Allure Beach Resort replaces the traditional type of reception by using a long table with unique design, behind which crystal mirrors and a white fabric wall are placed, decorated by soft lighting. The projects of interior design for the apartments are decorated in the same colors and elegance and they keep their functionality.

Floor plans 

  • 206 apartments ranging in sizes and exposure, from small compact studios, one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and luxury penthouses on the top floors with a total area of the whole building  amounting to 16 153.28 sq.m and 2 436.58 sq.m of open roof terraces
  • 15 commercial properties located on the ground floor and seafood restaurant with total area amounting to 1 295.47 sq.m
  • 103 basement parking lots, -3.50, with total area of 2 645.75 sq.m.
  • 163 auxiliary premises belonging to the apartments, located in the basement, -3.50, with total area of 428.15 sq.m

Property Management

  • Five Star Service
  • Overall management of the complex;
  • Opportunity for renting your property
  • 24-hour year-round security and video surveillance of the common areas;
  • Access control used at the entrances to of complex, at the parking and the common areas;
  • Landscaping in the common areas - development, maintenance, mowing, lawn watering and ornamental plants;
  • Operation and maintenance of swimming pools and aquatic installation;
  • Cleaning and lighting of the common areas;
  • Waste collection and waste disposal for the entire complex;
  • Repair and maintenance of the common areas - all installations available as from the entrance of your apartment: electrical, plumbing, television and internet, telephone, fire alarm, emergency lighting, lightning rod systems, etc.
  • Utilities expense of the common areas – water supply, electricity, heating;
  • Expenses related to fees and supplies associated with the operation of all elevators and technical facilities;
  • Administrative and management activities and costs, front office and reception services for the owners;
  • Providing measures in case any accidents in your home
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